Karatay Municipality has acted against the sale of some food and hygiene products at an exorbitant price on the basis of the Coronavirus. Municipal police teams tightened their inspections and inspected at the markets. Police teams, who carry out price, label and weight control at the markets, recorded the exorbitant price increases and irregularities, and conveyed them to the relevant institutions.

The teams of Karatay Municipality Municipal Police Directorate have frequented their workplace checks throughout the district against exorbitant price attempts due to the risk of coronavirus pandemic.

Municipal Police teams, went through the shelves and departments in the markets regarding certain foods, basic necessities and especially hygiene products, examined the labels and made exorbitant price increases on the basis of coronavirus (Covid-19), weight loss and label controls.

The teams under Karatay Municipality Municipal Police Directorate, visited the markets throughout the district, examined the prices of hygiene products and some foods one by one. The teams, who compare the prices on the label with the price at the checkout, asked the citizens to inform them of the exorbitant price sellers.


Karatay Municipality Mayor Hasan Kılca stated that as Karatay Municipality, they continue to take all necessary measures for the health and safety of the public. Mayor Kılca stated that they are prepared for the problems that may arise in the district, especially with the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor Hasan Kılca Said: “Our government has been following the developments carefully from the beginning of the process. We also tool measures quickly. We all need to apply all necessary measures without panicking. As Karatay Municipality, we try to do our best. In this scope, teams affiliated to our municipal police department have frequented their inspections routinely throughout the district with the latest developments. Our teams audit against exorbitant price practices, especially with the risk of pandemic. Our municipal police teams, which have been evaluating the complaints of our citizens that there has been an increase in prices of some food products, colognes and other hygiene products in the last days, compare the prices of the products with the cashier and the aisle way and examine the invoices. We notify the business regarding the corrections. We also report our determinations as a result of our audits to our relevant institutions. These are evaluated and tracked.”

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