Sister Cities

Gorajde / Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is a city built around the Drina River in the east of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is within the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the two federated areas.

  • Population: 22.080
  • Area: 252 km2
Belh / Afghanistan

The city of Belh was established on the river Dehâs in the south of Amuderya and near of the Kûhibâbâ mountain. Hz. Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rûmi was born on September 30, 1207 in the city of Belh.

  • Population: 1.245.000
  • Area: 16.186 km2
Kenitra / Morocco

Kenitra is a city in northern Morocco, formerly known as Port Lyautey. It is a port city on the Sbu river. It is one of the three main cities of the Rabat-Sale-Quneitra region and the capital of Kenitra Province.

  • Population: 431.282
  • Area: 672 km2
Gevas / Van

Gevaş is one of the 12 districts of Van. Its area is 727.5 square kilometers and its height from the sea is 1750 meters. The district was established near Artos Mountain, the highest of the Kavuşşahap Mountains, an extension of the Southeast Taurus Mountains.

  • Population: 28.620
  • Area: 968 km2
Novipazar / Serbia

Novipazar is a city and city center in the Sancak region, within the borders of Serbia. It is the center of the part of the Sancak region, which is stuck in the Serbia section. It is located close to the Serbia-Kosovo border.

  • Population: 71.497
  • Area: 742 km2