Hasan Kılca
Mayor of Karatay
From Mayor
Rakamlarla Karatay
Mahalle Sayısı
İlçe Yüzölçümü
2.746 KM2

All structures, all services on these lands were founded on the idea of “serving the public for the god”. Because the important one is people and the permanent one is heart. While our ancestors were reconstructing a city, with our foundation civilizations and services, they approached people as well as nature and all living creatures with the same sensitivity. We approach our city, which is the legacy of our ancestors, and Karatay with the same sensitivity.

Karatay is sincerity. It raises children with civilization and sincerity. The fountains, which inherit a sip of goodness at every corner, the people who touch the heart in every point, the tombs, and the mosques that smell history in the pulpit welcome people.

We live by increasing the sincerity, humility and effort we inherited from Karatay. We sustain Karatay together with its traditions to the future, together with women, men, young people and old people. As unity, we approach every point and every corner with justice until we cross roads and reach the extreme corners. We are happy to be the servant of Karatay with a team that is tightly adhered in its traditions. With a fair understanding of service, we develop all parts of Karatay, we cherish the values that come from our civilization. We know that our future is hidden in our tradition, and with this belief, we firmly adhere to our traditions and walk towards the future.

Karatay is like the poem of history and existence. Karatay is the key to a growing generation with its traditions, and the center of Konya culture and history. Karatay, thanks to its history, is a living space of Konya. Karatay is like a mirror that reflects us. Sometimes it gives calmness and peace, sometimes courage and strength. Just like our history.

Every district and every place of Konya has a different beauty. But in our hearts, first one is Karatay. Karatay means another beauty for us. Its historical values are something else with their heartfelt. As we look at Karatay, we see ourselves and our past. Karatay is the legacy of the past and is our common history, from the mounds that are waiting to be discovered, to the Karatay Madrasa, from the Şem-i Tebrizi Mosque, to the "Sultan of the Heart" Mevlana Museum.

In this context we believe that the preservation of the nature, historical texture and culture of Karatay should be the center of all work to be done. We are trying to protect the texture of Karatay and to transfer its natural beauties, history and culture to the masses with the promotion works, with new projects and construction culture.

Besides all these, the presence of local and commercial products encourages us. In order to create the brand value of Karatay, we are working with the goal of creating a Karatay brand that has become a brand in many fields with its agriculture, industry, trade, culture, history.

If we want to add value to Karatay, we must do this together. Because the key to success is to act together. The basis for acting together is through consultation. Everyone living in Karatay has a voice in the future of this city. We carry this belief in our hearts and walk with the necessity of this.