Marriage Proceduers

Man or woman cannot marry unless they turn seventeen.
Minors under the age of eighteen and over the age of seventeen may marry with the permission of the legal representative.
However, in exceptional circumstances, the judge may allow a man or woman who has turned sixteen to get married. If possible, listen to the mother and / or father or custodian before the decision.

Those who cannot have the power to distinguish cannot marry. (However, the restricted people may marry with the permission of the legal representative.)
Those who have relatives cannot get married.
Those who cannot prove that the previous marriage has ended, in the absence situation; they cannot marry without a court order regarding the termination of marriage.
If the marriage has ended, the woman cannot marry until three hundred days have passed since the marriage has ended. (However, this time ends when you give birth. The court removes this period if it is understood that the woman is not pregnant from her previous marriage or if the spouses whose marriage has ended want to marry each other again.)
Mental illness cannot marry unless they are understood by the official medical board report that they have no medical problems in their marriage.
Those who have not documented that there is no disease preventing marriage and with an official health report cannot marry.

Men and women who will marry each other apply to the marriage officer, where one of them resides, in writing or orally.
The application is made with the "Marriage Declaration", which has been prepared and signed in accordance with the example of men and women or their representatives.
If both parties are together during the application, the signatures are approved by the officer who accepted the application.
In the case of an oral application, the oral application is submitted to the marriage declaration before the marriage officer and signed by the parties; Signatures are approved by marriage officers.
The person to get married can also carry out the marriage procedures with a special power of attorney.

Statement of Marriage
The documents are taken from the municipal marriage unit. It is organized as two examples. It should not be erased and scribbled in this form. If there is a court decision regarding marriage, these are added to the declaration.
Six Passport Photos (3 men 3 women photos will be requested after the documents are pasted.)
The photos must be taken from the front and with the face and forehead of the head completely showing. Photographs of women taken with a headscarf can be accepted, provided that the face and forehead are open.
Health report showing that there is no disease to prevent marriage.
Upon application, the marriage officer fills out a form and sends it to the family physician, who is registered, to determine whether the couples to marry for approval have the disease. sends them to official health institutions to determine that they will marry, that there is no disease to marry. The medical reports issued by the family doctor and also the family doctor should be given to the marriage officer by obtaining an "official health board report" indicating whether there is a mental illness in the people to get married. If he / she has a mental illness, an official medical board report showing whether there is a medical problem or not should be taken to the marriage officer.
Consent Certificate
Men and women over the age of 16 can only marry by judge's decision; Men and women who have reached the age of 17 but have not reached the age of 18 can marry with the permission of their legal representatives. In this case where legal representatives need permission;
Yasal temsilcilerinin izni gereken bu durumda;
a. The "consent document" on the back of the Marriage Declaration must be completed. The section with the signature of the parent and guardian will be approved by the competent authorities. Or the consent documents will be signed by the mother and father or guardian before the marriage officer in person. In this case, the signature confirmation is made by the marriage officer.
b. In the event that one of the parents is dead, the signature of the party who is alive or who has been given custody in case of divorce is sufficient.
c. If the consent document is signed by the guardian, a court decision regarding the appointment of the guardian is requested and added to the file.

(The basis of this right is Article 187 of the Turkish Civil Code), A written application must be made to the municipal marriage officer. Thus, the woman can also use her previous surname before her husband's surname.

In Turkey, a Turkish citizen and a foreigner or two foreigners who are not citizens of the same state can only marry before an authorized Turkish marriage officer.
Applications for foreigners' wishes to marry are accepted by the marriage officer and the essential and procedural provisions of this regulation regarding the marriage of Turkish citizens are also applied to foreigners.
Turkish "Marriage License Certificate" will be taken from the consulate to which the foreign national is affiliated. Marriage officers can make direct correspondence with foreign state consulates in order to obtain a marriage license.Or they can bring these documents through the General Directorate.
If two foreigners who are citizens of the same state have authorized their own national law, they can marry in front of their representatives in Turkey.
Or they can get married in front of the Turkish authorities. When an application is made to the Municipalities' Marriage Unit regarding the documents prepared, the marriage procedures will be carried out by this unit.

As a result of the examination of the file, the couples, who do not have an obstacle to marriage and whose documents are understood to be complete, are issued upon their request by approving the permit of the marriage declaration.
Couples who receive this document may marry before the competent authority at home or abroad, without the need for an additional file.
The marriage permit is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

As soon as the marriage ceremony is over, the marriage officer gives the spouses a family registry.

No religious ceremony can be held for the marriage without showing the family registry. Otherwise, the behavior was considered a crime in Turkish Criminal Code.