Disinfection works initiated by Karatay Municipality and in the context of combating many pandemic diseases, especially the coronavirus, continue uninterruptedly. Karatay Municipality, which started disinfection work in all schools in the district last week, also carried out disinfection work at the Konya Courthouse, Konya E Type Closed and Open Penal Execution Agency, police stations, health centers and Karatay District Governorship.

Fight against the new type coronavirus (COVID-19), which affects the vast majority of the world population, as well as other infectious and pandemic diseases continues throughout Turkey.

Karatay Municipality also started disinfection in all schools across the district by the holiday period of schools last week as a result of pandemic spread measures.

In this context, Karatay Municipality, which has expanded its disinfection mobilization, carried out disinfection works in Konya Courthouse, Konya E Type Closed and Open Penal Execution Institution, health centers, police stations and Karatay District Governorship.

Disinfection works carried out by teams affiliated to Karatay Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Directorate will be meticulously maintained in public life centers.

Evaluating the works, Mayor of Karatay Hasan Kılca reminded that in every environment where the citizens receive collective service, they routinely apply the disinfection process in certain periods. Mayor Kılca said that with the recent pandemic, they have expanded their studies.

Mayor Kılca said: “We have now intensified the disinfection processes that we have been carrying out periodically throughout Karatay within the scope of protection measures against coronavirus. We also carried out the disinfection works that we started in all schools in our district in the last week in Konya Courthouse, Konya E Type Closed and Open Penal Execution Agency, health centers and district governorship. Our goal is to create a solid protection shield against all viruses in the process, which is very sensitive for all of us. In addition, our aim is to prioritize the hygiene factor for the health of our citizens. Our teams are working hard in this sense. We are in an effort to sterilize all bulk and common areas with disinfectant drugs. Of course, besides these works, individual measures are also very important. In this sense, our citizens should never leave personally necessary precautions. If god wills, we will finalize this process by taking the right steps together.”

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